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Ha! Still logged in on my iPod thingy. Now how do I rediscover my information? Hmm…

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Badass Women on Television: Meg Masters

"Look, I’m simpler than you think. I’ve figured one thing out about this world – just one, pretty much. You find a cause, and you serve it. Give yourself over, and it orders your life. Lucifer and Yellow Eyes – their mission was it for me."

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Winter is coming.


Chalk Art by David Zinn

Once Upon A Time & Colours Abound

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“Her face was sad and lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth, but there was an excitement in her voice that men who had cared for her found difficult to forget.”

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don’t do that

By Haruhi [tumblr]

Anne Hathaway for Harper’s Bazaar

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this is a fridge, you put your shit in the gel and it keeps it cool, than you just reach in and take it out. the gel automatically reforms.


what happens if someone falls in

then they freeze and 1000 years passes and they fall out and get a cyclops for a girlfriend